Specialist Subjects

Bio Food Technology

Bio Food Technology is not just about ‘cooking’. Students explore food nutrition and learn how to select, prepare and create healthy well-balanced meals. They learn about food properties and understand the importance of food preparation and handling.  Students are shown how to read and understand food labels and make informed choices when choosing foods. Students are also encouraged to show their creativity and initiative using food, through a range of interesting projects. 


Hard Technology

With Hard Technology, students get to design for today and the future. This year’s programme provides learning opportunities that are real and relevant. Students are encouraged to show initiative, be innovative and creative, and be enterprising in their practice and in their end products. They work with a range of materials, workshop tools and machinery and learn the key safety practices in the Hard Technology room.

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Music is the soundtrack to life! It is not only a form of entertainment but is a part of everyone’s culture. Music is a universal language which integrates many skills such as teamwork, listening, creativity, time management, performance skills and critical thinking. Students engage in a variety of activities that develop skills such as keeping time, determining rhythmic structures, music theory, composition, playing and performing. Students build confidence by learning music which encourages them to interpret the ‘sound arts’ in a more meaningful and critical way.