The Royal Oak Way

KA RERE - To Fly


The Royal Oak Way is KA RERE – to Fly. 

Our four values form the acronym Ka Rere, meaning “To Fly” in te reo Māori.  The Royal Oak Intermediate Way drives the school culture and our approach to the New Zealand Curriculum. They are values that we believe, as a community, to be important for our students at Royal Oak Intermediate.

  • Respect                – caring for self, others, property
  • Excellence            – aim high, doing your best
  • Resilience              – persistent, perseverance, take up challenges
  • Empathy              – understanding how others feel and being caring and considerate

FLY   (The RERE Way)

Key of G major

Words and Music By: Ryan Langford

Maori Translation By: Mike Webber

Verse I

Kei te whiti ra hou

Aroha matou, ki te ako taakaro

Te matauranga o ta matou kura nei

Ko te kaupapa



He hua-rahi roa

He kaha aku whakaaro


I te

Rangi nei

Kotahi te oranga

Na, ka



Morning breaks and it’s a brand new day,

We gather here to love, learn and play.

So we unite under the RERE creed:

‘Respect, Excellence, Resilience, Empathy’.


The road ahead stretches for miles,

With all my strength I know that….

I am going to fly, going to spread my wings, embrace the sky,

Because I know that I only have one life,

And that is why; I’m going to fly…